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The Porsche Panamera in Person

By   November 27, 2009

I’ve heard many people say that they would reserve judgment of the styling of the new Porsche Panamera until they see one in person and I have said the same. Well, On a recently trip to Las Vegas, I was fortunate enough to see a Panamera in person and was blown away at what it looked like.


In person the car looks quite a bit different than it does on TV or in magazines. From the front it resembles a 911 or Cayman with some slight styling differences. The car is a good size car, but doesn’t seem as long as it appears in pictures. The back appears to have a little steeper slope than what it looks like in most pictures and the car sounds great.

Although for me it is hard to think of a Porsche having more than two doors, the Panamera appears to be a very great four door sports sedan that is about as close as you can get to a sports car in a sedan and by it’s performance and appearance looks to be worthy of the badge. Now perhaps they will use it as the basis of a new GT sports car (almost a new version of the 928 as the rumors out there are saying).

Porsche Parts Finder Deal of the Week – Short Shifter

By   November 23, 2009

This week’s deal is a Racing Short Shifter for only $49.00


The part Fits the following:

1997-2004 BOXSTER (986 all models, includes S)

2005-2007 BOXSTER, CAYMAN (987 all models)

1998-2004 911 (w/996 all classes incl. GT2, GT3, C2, C4, C4S & TURBO)

2005-2009 911 (997 all engine classes)

This part reduces the throw by 40%!

You can go directly to the part here.

As always this part was found using the Porsche Parts Finder to find the best deals on the web.

Weight Reduction 0-60 Calculator

By   November 19, 2009

If you have been interested in weight reduction in your car then chances are that you are at least partly doing it to make your car quicker. Most of us measure how quick an automobile is in the number of seconds it take to go 0-60 MPH.

Because of this we have created a calculator that will estimate the 0-60 time after weight reduction. The way that this works is you enter the stock curb weight, the stock 0-60 number (i.e. 7.5) and the weight of the car after weight reduction. Once you enter this you simply click calculate new 0-60 time and it will estimate the 0-60 time after weight reduction.


I’ve found that it is kind of fun to play with as you can use it to help decide if the weight reduction that you want to do is going to be worth it.

You can go to the Weight Reduction 0-60 Calculator here.

914 or Boxster – What to Buy?

By   November 15, 2009

You may have read in a recent issue of Excellence about the values of the Porsche 914 and early Porsche Boxsters being about the same. So, for similar money which of these great mid-engined Porsches should you buy?


The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. If you want a more modern car that is a faster car and has all the bells a whistles, then go for the Boxster. However, if you want a classic air cooled Porsche that tends to be very dependable (as long as you buy a well maintained rust-free car) then the 914 is for you.

Both cars have great handling and if well maintained are usually very dependable cars. The Boxster convertible top has a tendency to show it’s age, so you may need to do some work on this in order to make the car look the best. The early Boxsters have had a problem with catastrophic engine failure (although many early Boxsters have had no problems, so it is hard to say if any early Boxsters will have this issue), so if you can afford it go for a post 2000 model (however, this will cost quite a bit more than an early Boxster, so it may not be within reach yet).


If you want to buy a fun Porsche that has great handling, but may not be the very fastest car (although it still isn’t slow) then I would go with the 914. These cars can be worked on fairly easily by a home mechanic that is familiar with Volkswagen or air cooled Porsche 911 engines (the biggest complaint to working on one of these cars is that it is not always easy to get to everything in the engine compartment). In looking for a 914 I would recommend going for a 2.0 or 1.8 engine as these cars have a little more power for a good price (If you can afford and find a 914-6 then that is the one to get). One cool thing about the 914 is that the values are on the rise and while I don’t know if they will become extremely collectible the values should continue to increase over time and it will take a Boxster a bit more time to start to increase in value.

As with buying any Porsche if you buy the best car that you can afford it will usually save you money in the long run (especially with cars that don’t have an extremely high value like some 356s). So, make your choice, either way you will get a fun great handling car.