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New Special Exhibition “911 Identity” in the Porsche Museum

By   January 31, 2012

For more than four decades, the Porsche 911 has been deemed an automotive icon and the very epitome of the sports car. That means that the launch of the new Type 991 is an important event for the Porsche Museum Stuttgart as well. As a curtain raiser for 2012, the new generation is being welcomed as part of a major special exhibition from 31 January to 20 May, 2012 under the banner “911 Identity”.

More than 700,000 911s have been produced in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen since it was unveiled in 1963. The recipe for its success is its uniqueness, because the 911 combines apparent contradictions such as sportiness and everyday practicality, tradition and innovation, exclusivity and social acceptance or design and functionality like no other car. No wonder that each of the now seven 911 generations has written its very own success story. As a result, the Porsche Museum is exhibiting all the 911 generations, from the “original 911” to the new Type 991 – against the backdrop of the prevailing mood of the relevant decade or year in which the sports car icon came to market.

Rare motor racing variants such as the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 “Safari” or Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid will also be on show. In addition, to unique technical exhibits and cutaway models from Weissach, the visitor will also get to see one of the new 911 generation “Erlkings”, before being able to slide behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 Carrera at the end of the special exhibition. The special exhibition also showcases steering wheels and wheel rims from 1963 to the present day. Finally, the automotive retrospective is rounded off by documents from the company archive that have never previously been on public display.

Special Offers for Visitors

As part of the “911 Identity” special exhibition, the Porsche Museum is also expanding its guided tour offering. 911 fans can brush up their knowledge of the sports car icon during an one hour themed guided tour – after first registering with the visitor service using the e-mail address

The Porsche Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission is eight euro for adults, reduced admission is four euro. Children up to the age of 14 years are free provided they are accompanied by an adult. Further information, including the special guided tours, is available online at

Source: Porsche

More on Mangus Racings Rolex 24 at Daytona Win

By   January 30, 2012

Yesterday the Mangus Racing team raced a great race at the Rolex 24 at Daytona. The race was a great one for Porsche with a 1, 2, 3 finish in the GT Class standings. Because of the win I’m posting the official press release below that includes interview questions from the drivers.

Richard Lietz (Austria), sharing the #44 Magnus Porsche 911 GT3 Cup with John Potter/Andy Lally/Rene Rast, took over the driving duties with less than two hours left to go at the 50th Rolex 24 at Daytona. He then guided his car through two pit stops and to the GT victory for the Salt Lake City-based team owned by Potter and led a sweep of the GT podium by Porsche 911 race cars.

In fact, with Lietz, Henzler and Lieb – all Porsche factory drivers – driving their cars to the checkered flag, Porsche Motorsport North America president Jens Walther is especially proud of the Porsche people, not just the race cars.

“With both our customer race car owners and our factory drivers, we have the best people in the motorsports business associated with Porsche, and they are a key part in making our street cars and race cars great,” said Walther, who has been president of Porsche Motorsport North America, Inc. since 2010.

Winning team owner John Potter could not contain his feelings in the pit box after the checkered flag dropped, as his team was victorious in one of the greatest sports car races in the world after being in existence less than three years.

“This crew works so hard, and we have come so close to the top step of the podium in Grand-Am in the past, but to win for the first time, at this race is something special. Rene and Andy are great guys, and Richard really brought us home strong,” said Potter.

Lietz was pleased that Potter chose him to finish the race, and he thought the field of drivers was especially strong.

“I was honored to carry the team flag to the finish line, and we bested a field of world-class GT drivers,” said Lietz.

For Rene Rast (Germany), the defending Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup champion, it was his first time at Daytona, but the significance of the victory did not escape him.

“To finish at the top with perhaps the greatest GT field ever is an honor, and I thank Porsche and Magnus Racing for allowing me to be involved,” said Rast.

Andy Lally (USA) won this GT event last year, but switched teams this year to join Magnus Racing.

“This was a great victory for John Potter and Magnus, but it is only the first step in our quest for the Rolex Grand-Am GT championship and North American Endurance GT Championship,” said Lally, who will run with Potter for the entire Grand-Am season in their Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

Finishing the Porsche sweep of the podium is the second-place TRG Porsche of Steve Bertheau/Marc Goosens/Wolf Henzler/Spencer Pumpelly/Jeroen Bleekemolen, and the #59 Brumos Porsche (Leh Keen/Hurley Haywood/Andrew Davis/Marc Lieb) was third. Both teams led for substantial lengths of time during the 24-hour event, but, in the end, both the cars couldn’t catch the Magnus Porsche.

“We ran the whole event flat out, and spent hours and hours in the lead, but we had some front-end body damage that hurt our aerodynamics, and an extra pit stop in the end brought us up a little bit short. Still, we are proud of our Brumos drivers and crew, and we won the GT championship last year after finishing fifth, so we will proceed on that mission again,” said Hurley Haywood, five-time Daytona overall winner an current Brumos team manager.

For Porsche factory driver Wolf Henzler (Germany), qualifying woes put their TRG Porsche near the back of the field for the start of the race, but they also led for multiple hours before clutch woes slowed them down near the end.

“My Porsche colleague Richard Lietz is very fast, and we could not make up any time on the Magnus car in the end. But we are happy with our second-place finish, and the TRG crew prepared a Porsche which performed great all race,” said Henzler, who won the GT class at Le Mans in 2010.

Alex Job Racing’s WeatherTech Porsche was hit by a prototype, ruining its suspension and other parts – causing a long pit stop and a 17th place finish. Similarly, Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsche lost its power steering (preceeded accident during the night), which put another pre-race favorite at the 15th finishing position.

Complete Results:

Porsche Rolex 24 at Daytona statistics with the win:


(updated 1/29/12)

Overall Wins: 22 -first in 1968; most recent in 2009 (Brumos – Porsche

Flat-Six powered Riley Chassis) and 2010 (Action Express Cayenne V-8 Powered Riley Chassis)

Class Wins: 73

Porsche 911 Wins: 39 Overall and Class Victories

Initial Overall Win: 1968

GT Class Wins: 26

SGS Class wins (class ran only in 2004): 1

20 Race Winning Streak (overall or class): 1966-1987

Finished 1-2 overall in 12 Daytona 24-Hours

Finished 1-2-3, overall and class – 10

GT class winner finishing second overall: 2001, 2004

From 1977 to 1987, Porsche had compiled 11 consecutive overall wins

GTX Series Winner: 1978-1981

GTP Series Winner: 1982-87, 1989, 1991

Transcript of Magnus Daytona media center interview after the race:

January 29, 2012

An Interview With:





HERB BRANHAM (Grand-Am PR): Very pleased to be joined first by the No. 44 Magnus Racing Porsche team, Andy Lally, John Potter, Richard Lietz, Rene Rast, fourth class victory in the Rolex 24, Andy Lally second in a row, and this is the first Rolex 24 win for Magnus Racing and the first Rolex Series victory for Magnus Racing.

Q. Andy, I remember last week at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, we had a brief talk and you told me that you had assembled a new team and you didn’t really know what to expect. Did you really expect that you would win in the GT category?

ANDY LALLY: I absolutely knew that we had the potential to do it. The people that were assembled by John to start Magnus Racing just two years ago were top notch guys, and he took direction from some really well seasoned vets, and he steered the ship in the right direction and basically put together a really solid, strong effort. And then it was a pleasure to be able to join with the team at the end of last season, and look forward to this being our first race, and it was just absolutely epic to come home our first time together, John Potter and I and Magnus Racing, to come home on the top step, especially at the 50th.

Q. Andy, you had such a rough year last year, and it had to be pretty demoralizing at times. To get through that and then come here back to your roots and take home the 50th, it’s got to feel good. What are your thoughts right now about that whole process?

ANDY LALLY: Well, first we won the 24 hours at Daytona last year, so I had a pretty good year still, no matter what happens after that as long as you’re still healthy it’s a really good year. But in regard to the NASCAR stuff, it was a tough year, but even knowing how tough it was going to be, it was a shot that I wanted to take. Knowing how tough it was going to be, I’d do it all over again. It was something as tough as it was and as humbling as it was and as much of an underdog as you could be, we were, but it was still a blast. And to come back and drive with talents like these three guys sitting next to me is cool trying to transition back into it and get back in the swing of things right off the bat.

Q. Rene, we rode the plane together to come here. You said it’s completely new to me, first time at Daytona. Last year you won the Porsche Super Cup at the Carerra World Cup, you won the Super Cup Race at Monaco. What’s still on your list?

RENE RAST: Yeah, like you said, it was quite a good year for me, and actually my first race in this new season. I would like to win Le Mans. That’s my next goal.

ANDY LALLY: That would be almost as cool as this.

Q. Andy, talk a little bit about how this sets you up for the rest of the season with the 24 under your belt and how things look going forward from here?

ANDY LALLY: Well, we had two real strong contenders finish second and third, so the points are still going to be tight, but we did have a lot of real solid players that didn’t have good finishes here that are way down the list right now, gives us a good points jump. Spence and Steve and Lee and Andrew are going to be real tough all year, and they’re right on our heels right away.

But the Rolex Series is super competitive. I think we’re seeing the economy get a little better, and I think we’re seeing more and more teams come out. We’re going to see some huge challenges from the Audis and the Camaros and the Mazdas to take on the Porsche. I think the strongest thing out there right now is the Porsche, especially reliability wise at Daytona, and I think we’re going to see power shifts throughout the season depending on what track we go to.

Q. John, can you talk about the challenges of the race, obviously a lot of competition, but you guys were in the lead when I think you had a penalty come through and you rebounded from that. Can you talk me through some of the challenges you had?

JOHN POTTER: Yeah, it was a crazy race because obviously there’s so many great competitors here as everyone knows about, but also the equipment is just everyone’s equipment is just so good of all types of makes and models because we were talking before how many cars ran every lap and never went to the garage. Seeing that, there was no room for any mistakes.

We had a little penalty, a one minute stop at the end, which in a race this close with such good competition could have meant disaster. We managed to pull out of it with some good strategy afterwards and of course some excellent driving from these three guys. But no, it’s just the most challenging race I’ve ever done is an understatement.

Q. Outside your pits, you have my favorite poster of the event. It reads, “There’s no prize more cherished in the gallery Rolex Wars.” What’s it like to win the Rolex Wars?

JOHN POTTER: It’s fantastic. I’m just hoping I don’t get sued for any sort of copyright infringement on that.

Q. Andy, could you talk about the pass for the lead when you went by Leh Keen there at the finish from your perspective? I think it ended up in a broken splitter for the 59 car.

ANDY LALLY: Oh, did he break the splitter after? I missed that part. The Brumos car was really strong. There was a lot of really, really strong race cars out there, and we were a little bit off sequence. I think I had a little bit fresher tires than he did, so I was able to get a little better run out of the bus stop there. The draft here is so huge that I was able to come up alongside. We were really, really close. I’ve raced with Leh a lot over the years, and I know he’s a super talent, and I trust him, and we’ve raced within inches before and never had an issue.

I think we can both lean on each other without us wrecking each other, and hopefully the rest of the season continues like that. It was an exciting moment, but it was also something where I didn’t think that was going to be the last pass. We had a whole lot more race left in front of us, and when I jumped out, it was still 80 minutes to go. This guy is a rock over here, Richard Lietz hopped in and went super fast times trying to hold off another one of the best Porsche drivers out there in the world there, Wolf and Spence and the rest of the guys on that deal.

Q. What specifically was the one minute penalty for, and what issues, if any, were there with the car throughout the race?

JOHN POTTER: The one minute penalty was for working on the car while fueling. The under body was falling off after 22 hours or so. So the crew ripped it off, and we got a penalty for that. What was the other question?

Q. Were there any issues with the car?

JOHN POTTER: No, the car ran great. It’s a testament to the crew, everyone who worked on it, months of preparation. No, I thought the car was actually amazing. I think we could go race it now. That’s not an understatement.

Q. This is the deepest, largest GT field we’ve ever seen, ever in the world probably. Has that even remotely begun to sink in, that you may never win a race quite like this win?

ANDY LALLY: I don’t think anybody is going to win a race like this ever again. It was said all month long leading up to this as the entry list grew and grew and grew that we had nine different makes of cars and world champions from all over the world, from Formula 1 to NASCAR to IndyCars to international sports car endurance superheroes, factory Porsche kits like these guys that just fly around like under qualifying speed laps, and it was pretty cool for Magnus Racing. I’m sure the whole entire crew is proud and entitled to a lot of celebration tonight.

HERB BRANHAM: Thank you, guys.

Source: Porsche

Porsche Finishes 1, 2, 3 in the Rolex 24 at Daytona – Includes Videos

By   January 30, 2012

Today was the finish of the running of the Rolex 24 at Daytona. The race was the start of the Rolex Sports Car Series season and it looks like it could be a great one for Porsche with Porsche race cars finishing 1, 2 and 3 in the GT Class.

The Mangus racing team of Lally, Lietz, Potter and Rast finished in first place in the GT Class. In second place came the TRG racing team of Bertheau, Bleekemolen, Goossens, Henzler and Pumpelly followed by the defending GT Class points champion Brumos racing team of Davis, Haywood, Keen and Lieb.

The race was very exciting to watch and had many exiting moments. Because of this I’m posting the below video of highlights of the Mangus racing teams winning race. The video gives an idea of how great the race was to watch.

I am also posting the below video which is from the press conference with the GT Class winning Mangus racing team.

Rolex 24 at Daytona – Starts Tomorrow!

By   January 27, 2012

Tomorrow is the running of the Rolex 24 at Daytona and it looks like it could be a great day for Porsche. In yesterdays qualifying the Rolex Sports Car Series GT Class defending points champion Brumos Racing #59 car took the pole position. In fact 6 Porsches will start in the top 10, so Porsche is in good position to have a great race.

Below are the top ten qualifying standings for the GT class.

1359GT1 Davis / Haywood / Keen / LiebBrumos Racing / Porsche GT31:49.342117.210
1469GT2 Assentato / Lazzaro / Longhi / SegalAIM Autosport Team FXDD Racing with Ferrari / Ferrari 4581:49.357117.194
1544GT3 Lally / Lietz / Potter / RastMagnus Racing / Porsche GT31:49.388117.160
1645GT4 Bergmeister / Long / Neiman / RockenfellerFlying Lizard Motorsports with Wright Motorsports / Porsche GT31:49.550116.987
1762GT5 Bruni / Fisichella / MatosRisi Competizione / Ferrari 4581:49.661116.869
1842GT6 Cameron / Nonnamaker / Nonnamaker / Nonnamaker / SahlenTeam Sahlen / Mazda RX-81:49.700116.827
1923GT7 Collard / Holzer / Leitzinger / MacNeilAlex Job Racing / Porsche GT31:49.766116.757
2088GT8 Edwards / Marsh / Milner / TaylorAutohaus Motorsports / Camaro GT.R1:49.773116.750
2117GT9 Asch / Baldwin / Burtin / Ragginger / SellersBurtin Racing with Goldcrest Motorsports / Porsche GT31:49.891116.624
2248GT10 Bell / Maassen / Miller / WilkinsPaul Miller Racing / Porsche GT31:50.044116.462

You can get the full qualifying results here.

And just to help get your blood pumping for all of the racing action I’m also posting a video from last years Rolex 24. The video is about Hurley Haywood returning to the Rolex 24 at Daytona in a Porsche 911. This year Hurley Haywood will be driving along with Leh Keen, Andrew Davis and Marc Lieb.

Stay tuned this weekend for coverage of the race and also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates as the race happens.

Driver Ahmad Al Harthy, Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East – Video

By   January 25, 2012

Today’s video is about the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East. The video features Ahmad Al Harthy, the Sultanate of Oman’s top racing driver. His maiden race victory in the series, during Formula 1 weekend in Abu Dhabi, was the biggest of his career. In this video he talks of his passion for racing, for football (a.k.a. soccer in the U.S.) and the sea, and explains what makes the new GT3 Cup car such a formidable race machine.

Living the Dream – Porsche 991 GT3 – Image Meme

By   January 24, 2012

You may have seen those image memes around the web. Many are funny and some are a bit deeper. As a new recurring post on this site, I’m going to be posting Porsche themed memes that I find. The below meme is from one of the first photos of the new Porsche 991 GT3.

Correction: This image is of a 997 GT3. The 991 GT3 spy shots are found at the original post of this image which can be found at the below “Original Image Found” link.

Original image found here
Meme created on scovry

Haywood and Lieb Join Davis and Keen in the Brumos #59 Race Car

By   January 23, 2012

It is hard to believe that another great Rolex Sports Car Race Series is about to start, but next weekend is when the Rolex 24 at Daytona will happen. This should kick off some great racing this year and the Brumos racing is looking to build on the great seasons they had last year. For the Rolex 24 the are bringing on legendary driver Hurley Haywood and Porsche factory driver Marc Lieb. They will join the defending GT class champions Andrew Davis and Leh Keen.

To help get you excited I’m posting the official Brumos racing press release below.

As the GRAND-AM Rolex Series kicked off 2011 with the Rolex 24 at Daytona, one of the most closely watched teams was Brumos Racing. Following the team’s decision to return to their GT roots, all eyes were on the familiar #59 Brumos Porsche 911 GT3, curious to see how the revamped team of 2011 would compare to their legendary predecessors. The Jacksonville, Florida – based team did not disappoint, closing out their debut season as GT Champions.

As the 2012 season gets underway, Brumos drivers Andrew Davis and Leh Keen are looking ahead and hoping to score the ultimate victory with a Rolex 24 win. As Daytona International Speedway celebrates the 50th anniversary of their classic 24 hour race, Brumos legend Hurley Haywood marks a milestone of his own, making his 40th Rolex 24 start. Rounding out the Brumos lineup is Porsche factory driver Marc Lieb, returning for his 2nd Rolex 24 competition as a Brumos driver. For two-time champion Leh Keen, the 2012 season opener has added significance. “This year is not only the 50th anniversary race, this may be one of the most competitive GT fields in the world,” he explained. “We are all really excited about this race as a team. We have momentum and we feel strong. Having Marc join us again is a big plus – we accomplished a lot at the Roar Test, so we are ready to race against the best in the world. I think there is actually less pressure than last year, because we all know that we are capable of winning races and winning a championship. It feels great to arrive for the new season as the previous year’s champions.You know every other driver will be going after you, but you want to be the team with the target on your back, and I think we are those guys.”

Andrew Davis was thrilled with the success of last season, but now turns his attention towards a new goal – winning the Rolex 24. “The best way for Brumos to work towards another championship is to win this event,” he said. “No one on the team has rested in the off-season. We have all been working non-stop to make sure we hit the track in the same fashion we ended last season. The field this year is amazing and the competition extreme, but Brumos is up for the challenge. We fought tooth and nail all last year, so we are ready to do it again. We have proven that we are champions and we are fully focused on this great event. We are ready to add a new chapter to the winning history of Brumos Racing.”

When it comes to history, no one can match Brumos’ own Hurley Haywood. In his previous 39 Rolex 24 starts, Haywood has seen it all, but goes into 2012 with added confidence. ”We have a great car, a great crew, and a strong driver line-up,” he said. “There are a record number of entries this year and any one of those entries has a chance of winning this race. It’s not necessarily the track speed, but it’s running a smooth, trouble-free race that will put you in Victory Lane. I am really looking forward to 2012. Last year we were a brand new team and it took us a while to find our feet. This year, everything has come together and we are going to hit the season running full tilt.”

Marc Lieb, rejoining Brumos for the first time since last year’s 24 hour race, notes many positive changes in the team this season. “I can see that the team has really developed over the last year,” the former Porsche Cup winner observed. “Brumos has become a true team – everyone works together and knows that the goal is to win this race. Every person on the team is professional and totally focused and that is the most important thing in a 24 hour race. This year is definitely one of the most historically significant 24 hour races and sharing a car with Hurley is special as well. With all the history Brumos has at Daytona, it’s very exciting to be here as a Brumos driver.”

The 50th running of the Rolex 24 at Daytona will take place on January 28th – 29th, 2012. The race will begin at 3:30 PM Saturday and conclude at 3:30 PM Sunday, with 15.5 hours of live coverage on SPEED TV. A pre-race show will begin at 2:30 PM ET Saturday, continuing through the evening until 11:00 PM ET. Coverage resumes Sunday at 9:00 AM ET through the end of the race, concluding at 4:00 PM ET.