By   March 15, 2012

uid_1331840047 Is Porsche Still Working on a New Porsche 550 Spyder?
It is being reported that Porsche is in fact still working on a lower cost roadster that will be a successor to the Porsche 550 Spyder. The news is based on words from Porsche executive Matthias Mueller.

Mueller has apparently said that Porsche is withing for the time to be right to introduce the new roadster. What time frame are we talking about? It could be some time soon or as far as seven years away. The good news is that the project has already been getting feedback from focus groups, so there is a good chance that the car will in fact be built at some point.

The new car is expected to use a four-cylinder 2.5 liter engine that would be capable of producing as much as 365hp in turbocharged form. However, don’t expect this horsepower number to be that high for the entry level Porsche 550 Spyder as the same engine is rumored to be coming to the Porsche Boxster (possibly as soon as 2013) in order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

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