By   April 26, 2012

Recently, I wrote a post about the EPA raising the allowed level of ethanol in gasoline to 15% for regular cars and what we can do about it (you can read the original post here). After getting a lot of feedback from many people about the post and many have suggested starting a petition to try and make ethanol free gasoline available in all areas.

porsche914 Combating Gasoline Containing Ethanol

Because of the danger of ethanol gasoline on older vehicles (in fact Porsche recommends against even 10% ethanol in cars made before 1996) and with the new 15% ethanol gasoline causing many manufactures to void warranties if the new 15% ethanol gasoline is used (some are cars as new as 2011), we must band together to keep our cars running. In the comments and on some forums that have been talking about this original post many people recommended that various automotive enthusiasts from clubs such as the Porsche Club of America, Porsche Owner’s Club, Corvette Club of America, Ferrari Club of America and many other clubs band together to stop this.

356_1 Combating Gasoline Containing Ethanol

Because of all of this I have put an on-line petition on our parent site (it is on as this issue goes beyond just Porsche enthusiasts). You can sign the petition here.

The goal is to get 1 million signatures that will be used to try and get the government to listen to our concerns about gasoline that contains ethanol. Perhaps together we can make it possible to get ethanol free gasoline no matter where we live. Also, please pass this petition on to any car enthusiast that you know as it will help us get to 1 million signatures.

Also, I’ve been contacted from a few people wanting to re-print portions or all of these ethanol related posts on local club newsletters (PCA and other clubs as well) or websites. You are more than welcome to re-print these ethanol related posts providing that credit is given to this website as the original source (no need to contact me with permission for this).

  • Quick Billy

    I am able to buy pure gas locally, but the octane rating is only 88. Should I use this ethanol free petrol or stay with the higher rated (91 octane) ethanol blend?

  • John Tolnai

    I oppose any requirement to boost motor fuel to 15% ethanol. Ethanol-free fuels should be available locally!

  • Ronald Wise

    I oppose any requirement for motor fuel to contain ethanol period. And I am totally against raising the ethonol from 10 to 15%. Ethanol-free fuels should be available locally!

  • Bryan

    You could consider putting a real petition or and a link to it on!/petitions
    anything over 200,000 signatures is responded to directly buy the person responsiable for the department (i.e. the EPA or DOT)

  • Bryan

    correction 25,000 signatures…

  • David Hurth

    @Quick Billy – Many experts will say to run the higher octane gasoline, even with the ethanol blend. Your other option would be to purchase the lower octane pure gasoline and then use an octane additive to bring the octane level up to what your car needs.

    @Bryan – Thanks for the information, I’ll get the information from the link you provided and see what what additional steps need to be taken (I just want our voice heard and hopefully to be able to get 100% gasoline, no matter where you live).

  • Nathan

    10% ethanol is bad enough. We don’t need or want 15%. We should organize an effort to boycot any 15% station.