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Schnell Short Shifter Review

By   December 1, 2009

Project 944 is coming along slowly but surely. This last weekend I was able to add a go fast goody, a short shifter. Once the short shifter is installed it is amazing the difference that you feel when shifting. The shifts are now very crisp and a lot quicker.


The short shifter that I chose is from Schnell and was purchased from Vertex Auto (Before I go any further I want to say that this part was not sent to me to review and neither Vertex Auto nor Schnell is not supporting this site). The short shifter reduces throw by 30%.

It was pretty easy to install the short shifter and it only took about a hour an half. The instructions are very clear and it only takes a few simple steps to install. The hardest part of the installation is getting to the bolts and lining up some of the bolt holes.

The part is very well made and I would recommend it to any Porsche 944 owner that wants to have quicker shifts.

Find the Best Prices on the Web for Porsche Parts

By   September 10, 2009

Even many Porsche owners have been hit hard by the current economic state of affairs. Because of this many of us are looking for ways to stretch our dollars. More and more Porsche owners are doing as much maintenance on their cars as possible.

If you are doing any maintenance on your Porsche or are Restoring a classic Porsche, you are going to need parts. Well, we at the Porsche Guys are proud to introduce our Porsche Parts Finder. The Porsche Parts Finder will find the lowest prices for Porsche parts on the web.


To use the Porsche Parts Finder just select the year of your Porsche, the model, the part that you want to find and optionally you can enter a minimum and maximum dollar amount to get better search results (so, if you search for an engine and you keep getting $1 items, you can use the minimum dollar amount to find engines that are over $2000).

You can find the link to the Porsche Parts Finder at the top of this page or you can click here.

Please note that the data used for the Porsche Parts Finder is based on Google data and that the companies selling the parts have no affiliation to the Porsche Guys.