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Preview of a Very Special Porsche 911 – Video

By   December 7, 2012

This video is a preview video of a very special Porsche 911. The car goes by pretty quickly in the video, but after a closer look it appears to be a video featuring a new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car. This looks to be the first of the racing Porsche 911s based on the 991 platform. The video gives an idea of how these factory prepped race cars will look when they are offered to racing teams. This video will get every Porsche racing fan ready for some exciting racing in the years to come.

One Lap of Road Atlanta – Video

By   November 1, 2012

This video features an on board view of a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car going around Road Atlanta. The lap is driven by Sean Johnston as he drives from the lead position in the final race of the year for the Porsche 911 IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama. The video gives a good sense of what it is like to drive the track in a racing 911.

Dan Clarke Wins Intercontinental Trophy Series Title

By   October 17, 2012


While he clearly remains “Speedy”, Dan Clarke is no longer simply a “former Champ Car ace”. He is now a rising star of US GT Racing. Last weekend, at Road America, the Indianapolis based Brit wrapped up the Intercontinental Trophy Series title with yet another clean sweep.

Clarke’s total dominance of the series was evident during practice and qualifying as he drove well within himself and was still able to grab the Forgeline Pole award. “My pole time was a 2m25.8s which I was happy with for pole although I had previously recorded a 2m24.8 in practice, I knew I didn’t need to go any quicker to keep pole position”.

The competition got considerably tougher once the flag dropped in both races as Clarke was given a stern test of his speed and patience by Mike Bavarro in his BodyMotion Racing Cayman. Bavarro seemed to have a slight horsepower advantage and used it to full effect on the long, fast straights of Elkhart Lake.

“It was fun to get some tough competition from Mike” Clarke explained. “In Race 1 my Boomerang Bay Mixers car felt great and it gave me the confidence to drive around the outside of him into Turn 3 and n in race 2 I was able to out brake him into Turn 8.”

It was a day of real celebration for the whole Isringhausen Motorsports Team as it clinched the Team Championship. Team owner Geoff Isringhausen battled with Clarke early in Race 1 which gave Dan a huge amount of satisfaction. “Geoff got great acceleration from his brand new PDK transmission at the start and got on the inside of me running up to Turn 1. It was a very proud moment witnessing the results of my hard work coaching him and watching how super aggressive and confident he was from the start of the race.”

The ITC Team Championship victory was also due, in no small part, to Geoff Isringhausen Jnr’s efforts winning both P2 Class races. Isringhausen Jnr. belied his rookie status and lack of racing experience to beat the P2 class champion, Scot Leader, in both races.

Clarke is relishing the chance to defend his ITC Series title in 2013 and the chance to compete in the new GTP Class Cayman. “These will be 400hp slick tired cars with more aero downforce and carbon fiber body panels, weighing it in at 2500lb instead of this year’s 3050lb,” enthused Clarke. He went on to say that “they should be amazing to drive I’m hoping I get a chance to race one for Isringhausen Motorsports!”

Dan wants to stay loyal to the team and series that gave his sports car break in 2012 but he is also looking at establishing himself as a professional GT racer in 2013. “I’m 100% working on team relationships in the Grand-Am series right now and I hope this year’s success has raised some eyebrows.” Clarke is confident that the ITC Series title can open some doors. “I have demonstrated that I can drive sports cars fast now. Anyone out there who can help me get a foot in the door with a team, please feel free to come forward and reach out to me”.

You can watch a lap of Dan driving below.

Source: 9 Sixty Two Media

Brumos Forced to Retire Early at Lime Rock Following On-Track Incident

By   October 4, 2012


Brumos Racing had their fair share of good luck in 2011 with a thrilling championship win, but 2012 seemed to balance the scales, as bad luck derailed a promising run at Lime Rock. Going into the finale, the Brumos crew was ready to do anything necessary to claim an elusive win. Andrew Davis maximized the chances for the Brumos #59 Porsche 911 GT3, qualifying in 2nd place. He was off to a strong start in the opening laps of the race, but after completing the first pit stop Davis was caught in heavy traffic when another GT car spun in front of him. With nowhere to go, he hit the barrier and sustained damage both front and rear. Davis was able to get the car back to the garage as the crew stood by, hoping to get back on track as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, irreparable damage to the radiator delivered a fatal blow to the team’s hopes as the #59 was forced to retire, finishing in 15th place.

The disappointment was doubly felt by Leh Keen, who missed his turn behind the wheel. “It was a tough way to end the season,” he said. “We came into this race wanting that win. We had a good car and Andrew did a great job putting us on the front row for qualifying. There was just a lot of carnage from the beginning. A car we were competing against for position in the standings went off on the first lap. Then, another of the cars we were up against was involved in that three-car incident along with us, and was retired. We were looking at a possible shot for a top three in the championship, but unfortunately, weren’t able to get back on track despite the best efforts of the guys. We hate that our season had to end like this, but that’s how racing goes – the fact that it had to happen in our last race of the season is especially disappointing. But we will keep our chins up and think about the successful races we had this year, focus on the positives, and look forward to what’s ahead.”

Andrew Davis overcame several challenges throughout the weekend to get the Brumos #59 up front, but there was nothing he could have done to prevent the impact of the car spinning into him. He explained, “Coming into Lime Rock, we had everything on the table because we wanted to get that win. It was a tough weekend with weather conditions and we were short on practice time, but we made the most of it. I was happy to qualify on the front row, but I knew the race would be a fight. It started out that way, but I was able to run with the top three. We got shuffled back with the pit stop and there was heavy traffic, then the #51 spun in front of me and knocked me into the barrier. We hoped to end the year on a high note, so to be in the garage while the race was still going on was really disappointing. But as a team, we have to hold our heads high. Our degree of success last year in our first season was amazing, and although we weren’t able to duplicate those results this year we had a great run. We had multiple poiums and were strong all year, and I am proud of our entire team. Their hard work and dedication kept us competitive. We’ll fight back, as Brumos always does, and look forward to what next season may bring.”

Andrew Davis and Leh Keen closed out the year 5th in the Driver standings as Brumos ended 6th in the Team Championship. The team earned 4 podiums and pole position for the Rolex 24, finishing all but two races in the top ten, with six of those in the top five.

Source: Brumos Racing

Will History Repeat Itself in 2014?

By   September 26, 2012


As Porsche enthusiasts we all know that Porsche is returning to the top level of competition at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. What may have been missed by some Porsche enthusiasts is that Ferrari is also scheduled to return to the top level of competition at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2014. Recently, both Porsche and Ferrari have been competing in the GT class at Le Mans and (the American Le Mans Series) and now that competition will take center stage when 2014 rolls around.

The idea of Porsche and Ferrari going at it at the top level of Le Mans competition will likely remind many of us of the days when the Porsche 917 would battle the Ferrari 512. The competition between the two was fierce and really helped make both companies into what they are today. I think competition like this would be good for both companies and for racing in general.


For Porsche, we still don’t know exactly what the car will be that will be raced at Le Mans. It is possible that it could be a race version of the Porsche 918 Spyder as Porsche has built a Porsche 918 RSR prototype, but it could also be some new model. If it did end up being a version of the Porsche 918 Spyder, it would be the symbolic successor to the famed Porsche 917 (which at least in marketing terms, was already planned by naming it the Porsche 918).


For Ferrari they are working on a prototype, that has only been seen in leaked renderings that may or may not look like the finished product. The new Ferrari is being called the Ferrari LMP1 at this point, but may take on another name when it is officially revealed.

2014 should be an exciting time for Porshce racing fans with the ALMS and Grand-AM merger and Porsche and Ferrari competing at the top level. All racing fans will have a lot to cheer about in 2014 (or a lot to complain about depending on how things go, but let’s be positive).

Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama at VIR – Video

By   September 21, 2012

This video follows the action of the Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge by Yokohama that was held at the Virginia International Raceway. The three mile road course provided the backdrop for some great racing action. This video follows the two races that were held at the track and chronicles how the top racers did in the one make drivers series. The video shows some good action and also gives a bit of behind the scenes on what happens in a race.

ALMS Owner and Racer Reactions To Grand-Am Merger – Video

By   September 17, 2012

This video is of the reactions by the American Le Mans Series owners and racers to the news of the merger of ALMS and Grand-Am. The video features many racers of verious marques including Spencer Pumpelly and Leh Keen. For Leh Keen this is possibly even more interesting as he drives in the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series in the GT class and the American Le Mans Series in the GTC class. It is interesting to hear how some of the racers found out about it and that apparently they weren’t in on any of it before the news leaked. The merger could be a great thing for racing fans, but there is still a lot of questions that are yet to be answered.

MacNeil Wins VIR and GTC Championship in WeatherTech Porsche

By   September 17, 2012


Alex Job Racing’s (AJR) Cooper MacNeil, together with Leh Keen, won today’s running of the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) VIR 240 GTC Class race at Virginia International Raceway (VIR). The finish made MacNeil the 2012 ALMS GTC Champion.

Cooper and Leh 1 Having to finish fourth or better to sew up the GTC Championship, MacNeil (Hinsdale, ILL) started from a conservative third row for today’s four-hour race at the 3.27-mile, 17-turn natural road course located just north of Danville. The University of Colorado at Boulder sophomore was able to make up ground, handing the car over to Keen (Charleston, S.C.) in the championship paying fourth position. Keen exited pit road in second place, thanks to the quick pit stop performed by the Alex Job Racing crew and proceeded to head for the lead of the GTC race.

On lap 50 Keen was able to make a pass for the overall class lead. Playing it conservatively as competitors began to go down laps, Keen was still able to lead more than 45 laps through the middle of the four hour-long race. Cycling through the last pit stop, the No. 11 JDX Porsche tried to beat the 22 WeatherTech Racing Team out of the pits by short filling their car. That proved to be a mistake as on the penultimate lap, Michael Valiante had to duck into the pits for a splash in the No. 11 handing the GTC Class lead to Keen coming to the white flag. However, the race was not over. The speedy Jeroen Bleekemolen was closing fast, Keen put a great last lap together to take the race win and the driver’s championship for MacNeil.

“Winning the championship feels great,” MacNeil said. “I couldn’t have done it without Alex Job Racing and WeatherTech. It’s like the old saying, it isn’t over until it’s over. My stint was crazy. You always get lots of contact around here. On the first lap going into Turn One, championship was going through my mind. I had to take to the infield to avoid all of the cars spinning and crashing on the track. After that excitement, I was able to get through that moment and turn good laps moving us up in the order and handing it over to Leh to win it. The team had great strategy and strong pit stops to help keep us out front.”

Keen had the strategy down and was able to capitalize on the late race drama to take the team’s third win of the season.

“What an exciting day,” Keen said. “Qualifying didn’t go well, but I kept saying we had a good race car and that is what we had today. There was no better way to help Cooper get the championship than to win the race and clinch the big trophy today. I am proud of the Alex Job Racing team. The guys put together an awesome car and we had great strategy today. Every time we left the pits we were up at least one position, so great pit work as well. The last two laps were crazy. I knew we would be close on fuel. We got leap frogged by the 11 car during the last pit stop and we know now they short filled their tank. We were in second place and led a lot of laps today, so I was focused on the finish. Then when the 11 ducked into the pits I got reenergized and held Jeroen off for the win.”

Alex Job, team owner, had the WeatherTech team poised to close-out the championship at BIR.

“What a day,” exclaimed Job. “Cooper and Leh did exactly what they had to do to win the GTC Championship today. The guys put together a car that was easy to drive, performed flawless pit stops and Cooper and Leh did the rest. It was an exciting race. It looked like we were headed for a second-place finish, and then the 11 dove for pit lane with one lap to go, and Leh did the rest. We have had a great season with six podium finishes to go with three wins. Leh and Cooper raced really well all season. There were no mechanical or crash issues that we had to deal with, so that allowed us to keep the focus on car preparation and going fast. That is what wins championships. Consistency and Cooper’s ability to team-up with three different co-drivers throughout the season really helped. Anthony Lazzaro and Jeroen Bleekemolen have a little piece of this championship as well.”

The team will travel to Road Atlanta in Braselton, Ga. for the season-ending Petit Le Mans Powered by Mazda to run Oct. 17-20.

Source: Alex Job Racing

Brumos Perseveres Despite Tough Break at Laguna Seca

By   September 12, 2012


After dominating at Laguna Seca in 2011 with pole position and a race win, anticipation ran high as Brumos returned to scenic Monterey, California for this season’s event. Although hoping to duplicate their previous success, it quickly became apparent that the team faced a tougher challenge for 2012. Despite initial struggles with set-up, progressive improvements were made, enabling Leh Keen to turn the fastest lap in the final pre-race practice session. Andrew Davis put the Brumos #59 Porsche 911 GT3 on the 2nd row with a strong 3rd place qualifying effort. Pit stops were fast and strategy on target as Davis closed out his stint and the car was handed off to Leh Keen. Keen was making a strong run and led the race for 9 laps, but the car developed severe handling problems, making it impossible to mount a serious challenge. Strategy with fuel played out perfectly, with the #59 going on reserve on the final lap, enabling Brumos to hold on for a 6th place finish. The result allowed Brumos to remain in 5th place in the team championship standings, narrowing the gap to within 12 points of 2nd with one race remaining for 2012.

Leh Keen described the weekend as a tough one, saying, “The guys worked really hard. We didn’t come off the truck that well, but every change we made was a positive, so hats off to the crew for that. Andrew did a great job in his stint, keeping us up front. Then, when I got in the car, we were running well and keeping pace, but at the end of my first stint, the car just dropped off. The tires were starting to go away, but the car became really difficult. We came in and took new tires, so I was expecting to see improvement, but it was never there for me again. There was no grip – the car was unbalanced with understeer and push. After the race we found a problem with the rear sway bar which certainly made a big difference. This track is really hard on the undercarriage in different parts of the course, especially in the corkscrew where there is an extreme amount of compression. So it was a difficult weekend all around, but we’ll be working hard and we’ll be ready for a big finish.”

For Andrew Davis, finishing in the top ten was a positive, but not all that he had hoped for at Laguna Seca. “Since this was the site of our great victory last year, it was obviously disappointing that we didn’t repeat,” he said. “Over the long run we just didn’t have quite the car we had last year. Brumos was the only team that actually stretched the fuel out to that last minute, so I was happy with how well our strategy played out, but unfortunately, the pace just wasn’t in the car for us to challenge for the win. Leh drove a great closing stint and we came away with some good points, so I’m proud of the effort everyone put forth. When you struggle to find pace from the beginning you have to push really hard, but our guys never gave up fighting. It is always good to have Brumos behind you, because you know you are going to get the best effort. Now with one race to go we are running out of time for a victory this year, so we’ll focus on the next race and we will give it our all.”

The 2012 GRAND-AM Rolex Series finale race will be held at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT, on Saturday, September 29th. It is scheduled for a start time of 3:00 PM ET.

Source: Brumos Porsche

Rolex Sports Car Series Race at Laguna Seca Highlights – Video

By   September 10, 2012

Yesterday was the running of the Continental Tire Sports Car Festival Rolex Series Race at Laguna Seca. The race had some great action in both the DP and GT Classes. On the tails of the announcement of the merger of Grand-AM and ALMS, this race shows half the story of what road racing will look like in the U.S. in the very near future. In the GT Class it was a good day for Porsche, Ferrari and Mazda with some great action.

Spoiler alert! The full race broadcast will be available at on September 12th, so don’t watch this video if you want to watch the entire race.